Monday, 12 June 2017

Nikki Blackketter X Gymshark



I've been a fan of Nikki's & lets be honest a gymshark fangirl for so long and so when this range was announced I knew I had to get my hands on it!! I did originally have a list of about 5 things but when I saw the prices, decided to only get this set. I was expecting the prices to be slightly more than their usual but it was a bit steep in my opinion!

But oh my god are they amazing! The material is so soft and comfortable! It's not see through at all, it feels like such good quality! They're not exactly the most 'sporty' material but I can tell they're going to be great for upper body days! As you can probably tell, the sports bra wouldn't be any good for cardio but who even does cardio?! haha

It's the most flattering outfit I own! I cannot wait to wear it to the gym, I love it so so much!

They would be silly not to restock it all, to be honest, as they would make so much money from it! I really think everyone should get the opportunity to feel as good as I do in it!!


(I don't know why the pictures are quite dark, they look better on my insta (emappleton_)


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