Monday, 5 June 2017

New discovery


For the last few days I've been listening to this amazing new thing whilst doing my cardio, okay it's not actually a new thing but it's a new discovery for me!

That thing is Bucci Radio! Amanda Bucci is a youtuber/podcaster/entrepreneur, her podcasts vary from interviews with other popular, inspirational people in the fitness and health industry to episodes alone where she gives advice and talks about her own experience. It's a great, easy way to make brain gains about a variety of important topics.

My favourite episodes are:

- 'How to build muscle and lose fat'

- How to be confident af'

- IIFYM vs clean eating - the answers you've been looking for

- Gaining weight is cool ft Arianna Dantone

- How to deal with criticism: 7 steps

The one I listened to today was the one on dealing with criticism and here are some of my favourite quotes from it:

'We're all just trying to be the best people we can be'

'Support those who display courage to put themselves out there'

'You will get criticised regardless of what you choose, don't let the critics keep you from focusing on the path you know your're supposed to be on'

I would really recommend everyone listen to at least a couple of her podcasts, regardless of if you're interested in the health/fitness world,  they're very important and cover some really engaging, powerful and influential topics! Amanda is truly amazing, inspiring and motivating!


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