Friday, 5 May 2017

My Workout Split


Your workout split is simply, how you decided to split up your workouts! Deciding on your workout split is a very important part of your workout routine! It varies from person to person depending on your goals, what you prefer or just how many workouts you can fit in week to week!

My workout split tends to be:

  • Legs (glute and hamstring focused)
  • Chest and Arms
  • Legs (quad and glute focused)
  • Back and Shoulders
  • and then if I have time & can be bothered- Cardio and Abs
This tends to be labelled as a 'bro split' but unlike 'bro science' there's absolutely nothing wrong with splitting it up like this, my sister and I have been training like this for around 3 years and we have both made great progress like this!

Other options can be having a push day (simply all pushing movements) and a pull day (pulling movements), upper body and lower body, or simply training all muscles in every workout! These options can be better if you cannot get to the gym 4/5 times a week, they also mean you are tiring out more muscles each workout which can be good for weight loss as you are probably burning more calories a workout as you can push harder with each new muscle trained! 

Each different split works well for different reasons, you can experiment a bit, try different programmes and see what works best for you! And never let anyone tell you what you are doing is wrong (unless they're just kindly and politely trying to help with your form!).

Hope this helped explained workout splits a bit?



  1. I really need to get back into excersing! I've just had a baby so its been a while. Thanks for the tips.


    1. That's completely fair enough, congratulations!!
      That's alright, good luck! :) x