Monday, 29 May 2017

How to balance it all


I have just finished my second year of university and reflecting back on the year I thought it would be useful to share my tips on how to balance it all. I know compared to some people, my life is not as hectic or busy but whilst working towards my degree, I am also studying for my personal training course, keeping up my fit lifestyle and running multiple social media accounts. YES I know it may not sound like a big deal (and no it's probably not) but posting regularly on multiple accounts is harder than you might think, it's a struggle to think of captions everyday! (okay I'm slightly being sarcastic, it could be worse). Many of my friends keep up jobs whilst at uni, I do not know how, they're incredible! Haha

1. PRIORITISE! Make sure you know what needs to be done and by when and work through everything in order of importance! In the run up to the end of term, I had a lot of uni work due in and so I had to put my PT course on the back burner as it doesn't have strict deadlines like uni work does!

2. PLAN! Make sure you have a diary or planner, write EVERYTHING you need to do down in it and stick to it! As I said previously, planning your workouts like this can really help you stick to them! I've got quite a busy summer coming up so this is really going to help me know exactly when and where I need to be!

3. Make sure you plan time to rest! You're mental health is more important than any grades or goals so ensure you have time to relax and do things you want to do! For me this includes working out but it could mean socialising with your friends, or watching your favourite TV show, reading a book! Make sure you leave time for this otherwise you'll get too stressed out!

4. Keep your goals reasonable! Especially when it comes to fitness, people love setting big goals, but to help you reach these, it's important to make sure that they are actually reasonable but also that they are specific! If you just say 'lose weight' for example, it is hard to assess when you reach the goal! Ensuring your goals are reachable and clearly defined will help you focus on them and be more likely to reach them!

5. Stay determined! Try not to procrastinate (I'm the worst at this) but also don't let bumps in the road knock you off course. Stay focused on what you want and try to make sure you do something everyday that is helping you reach your goals.

Know exactly what you want and don't stop working for it until you achieve it.


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