Friday, 12 May 2017

Health/Fitness Bucket List


Here is my health/fitness bucket list!!

  1. Be completely happy with myself and my body!
  2. Squat 100kgs
  3. Deadlift double my body weight!
  4. Bench Press my body weight
  5. Do 30,000 steps in one day
  6. Manage 3x10 body weight pull ups
  7. Manage 3x10 body weight dips
  8. Go a year without drinking alcohol
  9. Own my own gym, whether home gym or public gym!
  10. Be able to do a muscle up
  11. Try new forms of exercise eg Crossfit, Olympic lifting, even yoga?
  12. Go back to Yosemite and hike to the top of Vernal Falls
  13. Complete the Nuts Challenge (or something similar)
  14. Finish a 10k?!
  15. Go a whole year without stepping on the scale or even thinking about how much I might weigh!

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