Friday, 26 May 2017

Failure- Why it is important and how to learn from it


About a month before the first time I successfully deadlifted 100kgs, I gave it a go and failed, this was just one example of a time that I've failed in my journey. Yes, I was annoyed/upset at the time that I didn't manage it but it also gave me more motivation to work harder to achieve it!

There are going to be times when you have a bad workout, don't manage a lift you thought you could, don't hit the weigh-in you were expecting (we all know how I feel about basing your mood off weight anyway though!), don't make a certain time or don't reach a certain PB. However the most important thing is how you take and react to this. You're allowed to be upset about it but don't let it put you off training. Don't let it change your goals or make you think you can't reach them!

Use it to fuel your motivation, use it to make you work harder, push harder to reach them.

Failure and ups and downs are all part of progress. Progress is not linear. You will get there but everything takes time, keep pushing, keep fighting and never give up!!


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