Monday, 3 April 2017

The truth about diet culture


Diet culture in the media is one of the most ridiculous and frustrating things to ever exist. Magazines are always printing their 'new top tips for weight loss' or how you can 'follow this diet and lose X amount in a week'! It's one of the most frustrating things because people believe it! People who are after quick fixes, they believe what the media tells them on what they need to do because their body isn't good enough! The people who spread these lies in the media, including online social media, really should wise up and stop because they're a massive contributor to the high numbers of eating disorders and mental illnesses within women and men!

One of the biggest and most annoying lies at the moment is detox teas. Not only are these incredibly bad for your insides, they are also a complete waste of money. Even if they do help you lose a couple pounds, you will more than likely put it all back on and more once you stop drinking them! It's so annoying when you see so many women trying to make a quick bit of cash so start selling these teas on their social media! You are not helping anyone and most knowledgeable people will no longer respect you! You do not need to 'detox', your body has a liver and kidneys for that and these teas are mostly just laxatives and can be damaging to your insides.

Another diet myth is that carbs will make you fat. This one really angers me. You need carbs because carbs=energy and funnily enough you need energy for every aspect of life! Carbohydrates are what should make up the majority of your calories for the day. When working out your required macro-nutrients, there's a reason carbs are the highest number for basically everyone! No one should fear carbs, or any food group for that matter!

This next one goes both ways, depending on who you listen to. I'm going to talk about the rumour that protein shakes make you fat first. Firstly, there is not much difference in the protein you get from a protein shake to the protein you get from eating a chicken fillet. Protein=protein! The reason it is needed for weight lifters is that protein helps with the repairing and building of muscles! So no, protein does not make you fat, eating more calories a day than how many you burn can make you gain fat. The other side to this argument is that protein shakes can help you lose weight. Recently myself and my sister have noticed a lot of lifestyle/fashion bloggers 'jumping on the fitness bandwagon'. Now this wouldn't be a problem if they were just working out and trying to encourage their followers to join them on this new healthy lifestyle. However, they have started working with supplement companies to try and sell a product. They're trying to convince young, impressionable women that drinking protein shakes will help them get more 'toned' (don't get me started on that word) and by just drinking them, they can get the body they desire. This may not be as bad as selling them detox teas as protein shakes won't tend to do them any harm, but as it is still just trying to sell them a product, it's not really fair and they will not get the results they desire. It is still lying.

FAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT! People seem to be scared of this one because of the name. But healthy fats have a lot of beneficial abilities for the body! As I said before, eating more calories a day than you are burning is what will cause fat gain, not a certain food group! Healthy fats in avocado, nuts and fish can help lower your cholesterol, get in your vitamins, improve skin health and improve brain and heart health. One of the reasons I think people are scared of them is that there are more calories per gram of fat than there are carbs and protein, but this doesn't make them bad for you, just means that you don't need as much of them! Low fat or fat free products are actually worse for you than people think too because they add in extra sugar and salt to make up for the missing ingredients!

My last point, although there are probably hundred more that I could make, is that there is no such thing as a quick fix. You cannot get your 'dream body' in 6 weeks, you cannot build a bubble but in 2 months, you cannot make a change for life in 2 weeks, it's just not real. All those magazines sharing their fake workout routines or diet plans are all lying to you. Real and lasting effects take time, unfortunately to reach your goals it is going to take years! But why would you just want a good body for summer when you could have a great body for the rest of your life and gain along with it a healthier body and mind! As long as you are eating right MOST of the time, working out when you can, putting in the effort, you will see results. Trust the process, it takes a long time but it will 100% be worth it!


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