Friday, 14 April 2017

'I don't want to lift because I don't want to get bulky'


People, specifically girls, have said this to me quite a few times and it really annoys me, 1. because it makes me think that they think I look bad (I'm working on not caring what other people think), 2. because its not going to happen and 3. this is shaming other peoples bodies, there are women out there who probably are what they would class as 'bulky' but they love how they look and they definitely do not look bad!

It is not physically possible for women to get as big & muscly as guys, we're not made up the same!! Women out there who are that big and muscly are most likely on steroids(which also isn't necessarily a bad thing, it still takes time and effort, people have different goals)! Also it's not like building muscle is that quick or easy to do, they act like if they pick up a weight once, they're suddenly looking huge!

The word 'bulky' is just as irritating as it's only used when referencing to muscly women, men are never referred to as 'bulky', just muscly! Why is it seen to be a bad thing when women are muscly?! Muscles are beautiful, girls and guys look amazing with muscles (also without but I'm just focusing on with), lets stop with the judgement and all just focus on ourselves and our own goals!

Now on to some examples:

EEWWW look at me being all manly and 'bulky'
OMG doesn't my sister look terrible muscly
Nikki Blackketter

Nikki Blackketter

And again, Nikki Blackketter

Robin Gallant

Grace Beverley (GraceFitUK)

Grace Beverley
Sooooooo..... yeah, lifting weights will not make you 'bulky', it can help you lose weight, be strong and look amazing, PLUS using words and phrases similar can actually be offensive so please think before you speak! More importantly, please educate yourself before you speak!


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