Friday, 21 April 2017

How to change your mindset


Not enough people realise that you will never be happy with your body unless you change your mindset or your negative body image. No matter how much fat you lose or muscle you gain, unless you learn to love your body, you will not be happy with it!

Here are some of my tips on how to improve your body image:

1. STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS! This is the most important one!! You are beautiful and perfect as you are, you will NEVER look like someone else, you will always look like yourself! Comparing yourself to other people is sooo counter-productive! You will only end up feeling worse about yourself! I cannot stress this point enough! I learned to stop comparing myself to others, in all aspects of life, and now I am soooo much happier with my body!

2. Don't use other peoples bodies as motivation! This is a follow up point to the first one, but using other peoples bodies as motivation doesn't tend to work either! As I said before, you will NEVER look like them! Yes you can use their drive or workouts as motivation, but striving to look like them is just going to make you feel more down about yourself! It's more important to create a habit to keep you working out rather than relying on motivation anyways! Avoid 'bodyspo' on social media, and don't follow people that make you feel bad about yourself!

3. When you look in the mirror, focus on what you like about yourself rather than what you don't like! Everyone has things they like about themselves, whether its how your hair looks today, your eye colour or your bum! If you concentrate, and remind yourself of these things, you will feel so much happier in yourself, try to do this at the start of your day so you can spend the rest of the day feeling more confident! List 5 things you like about yourself (or your life!) every morning!

4. Try to not always think about what you look like! I know this is a hard one but when you're out and about, living life, try to enjoy what you're doing and focus on more important things, like how happy you are in the moment, rather than worrying about how you look! I spent way too many years stressing about what I looked like in a bikini rather than enjoying my holidays! The negative mindset took way too many happy times from me! Also remember that you have an incredible personality and it is not all about looks!!

5. Realise that no one else sees all the things you are worrying about yourself! I promise you that no one else notices how your legs jiggle when you walk, or your rolls when you sit down, or how your arms wobble etc etc etc! Referring back to my post on instagram about only seeing people's highlight reels, think of it like this, people only really see your highlight reels, you are the only one who sees your behind the scenes!!

6. Don't focus on numbers! Stop weighing yourself, stop measuring yourself, stop basing your self worth on your clothing size! Weight literally means nothing! Clothing sizes are literally just ways of finding clothes that fit you, they do not show what an amazing person you are, or how great your personality is! You are so much more than a number!

7. Stop the negative thoughts! When you feel yourself starting to have a negative thought, cut it out, stop the thought before it becomes real! Remind yourself how great and beautiful you are, and how wrong your mind can be sometimes! Ignore the thought, push it away, get rid of it, you are an incredible person who deserves to be happy and love themselves!

8. Realise that loving yourself is not vain or selfish! In this society it seems to be more normal and more okay to hate yourself than love yourself?! Why is that? Why is it weird to love yourself? There's absolutely nothing wrong with loving yourself and telling the world that you love yourself! We need to spread the word on how great it is to love yourself and how happy it makes it, encourage others to love themselves! As Demi Lovato says 'what's wrong with being confident?'! Don't be scared to love yourself, or to be confident in yourself, your life, your choices and your body!

9. If your struggling, don't be afraid of talking to people about it! I made a post about how to admit your struggling, and this goes for body image too! Try talking to someone you trust about how you feel and try to believe them when they tell you how amazing and stunning you are! Talking to people is one of the most important ways to help with your mental health, just letting it all out and getting it off your chest can help you feel 1,000x better! 

10. Avoid conversations about appearance! It's quite difficult being around people, I find especially girls, that are constantly complaining about their bodies! It's such a spiral, when one person mentions something they don't like about themselves, other people start joining in! This is so bad, why can't we all discuss things we like about ourselves or each other?! If people do start talking like that, definitely do not join in! Try to ignore it, leave the room or distract yourself in other ways. Try to ignore all negativity and focus on positivity!!

I hope this helps or gives you some advice that you can take on board!!


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