Friday, 28 April 2017

Healthy Snacks


Another food post from me today! We all love food and we all love eating but eating the right thing is the difficult part! Now, there's nothing wrong with the occasional chocolate bar, slice of cake, or pizza but when you're trying to reach a goal, it's important you eat the right things to help you!

I have three current favourites for snacking at the moment and they are: popcorn, rice cakes with peanut butter and protein bars!

As popcorn is one of the snacks you can get at the cinema, I had always assumed that it was 'bad' for you but now I know different! It's a nice easy snack, not many calories and not high in fat, depending on the flavour you get obviously. I find it so easy to sit and munch through a whole bag (I'm doing it as we speak) when I'm writing essays, studying or just chilling and watching Netflix, and now I know that it's (mostly) okay to do this as I'm not sabotaging myself or my goals!

I had seen people have rice cakes and peanut butter before, but never tried it myself, but being a lover of peanut butter, I'm not really sure why! It's so easy to make and so yummy! It's also not very high in calories and can be high in protein (depending on how much peanut butter you use!) and so is also great for macro trackers!

I also love protein bars! This isn't a new thing but I don't buy them that often, being a student and not always having the funds! But I am love love loving Protein Dynamix Dynabars in chocolate caramel at the moment! They honestly taste just like a chocolate bar but with much much better macros! I have a link to their website on my instagram bio (please click through there, I am an affiliate and so receive commission if you make a purchase and as I said, I'm a poor student!)

There are obviously other healthy snacks that I could suggest like fruit, or carrot sticks, or a handful of nuts etc but we all know we're after the more interesting & more delicious ones! Oh, one more that I do recommend is strawberries (or most other fruit really) and melted chocolate (dark chocolate if you want to be more healthy) this is soooo good! I hope this gave you some ideas, remember it's okay to indulge and treat yourself sometimes!!


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