Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Workout Guides


As I stated in one of my previous posts, it is 100 times better if you go to the gym with a plan of what you are going to be doing. I am more than capable of creating my own plan, especially as I am doing my personal training course and have helped friends with their plans. However, I just seem to love buying other peoples plans! They seem to push me harder and also give me new ideas!

Seeing as I have tried quite a few, I thought it would be a good idea to let you guys know my top workout guides! In no particular order, sort of:

  • Nikki Blackketters Beginner Guide to Fit. Now I have been following Nikki for years and never realised that she did workout guides! I obviously knew she did online training but never thought I would be able to afford that, but looking at her website over christmas I found it! She has a few on there, and even though I am not a beginner, I decided to buy this one, partly because it was the cheapest, not gonna lie. You in no way need to be a beginner to do this guide, obviously as you pick the weights that are best for you, you will still get sore and definitely see benefits from it! It doesn't include the big lifts (squats, deadlifts & bench press) so I added in these extra by myself but other than that is it a really great guide and I definitely made progress whilst following it!
  • GraceFitUk Guide. I joined the Grace Fit community, through facebook and instagram, before I actually bought the guide and it is so lovely, amazing, welcoming and supportive, it is one of the main reasons I bought the guide. Grace has brought together such an amazing group of women! But onto the guide, I am only currently on week 5 but so far am loving it! Each exercise has links to videos and the app AFLETE is really useful for tracking where you are in the guide. I am doing new movements so working my muscles differently and so getting sore every workout! The finishers definitely kill me off, if I'm being honest I don't do them every time, and always am sweaty by the end of the workout. Grace is not qualified but she worked with someone who is to create this guide so it does not matter or show at all! Can't wait to see the progress I have made once I have finished it!
  • CrushFit. I have their Crush60, Booty Bootcamp and GO! workout guides, if you couldn't tell, I'm a fan! Although crush 60 and booty bootcamp do have their similarities, they obviously have their separate focuses and so are great guides! I used crush 60 so much when I was really properly getting into fitness and it really helped me fall in love with it! The guides have pictures of the exercises which is really useful and can even link to videos if you are still unsure. It is set out really clearly and is really easy to follow. GO! is an at home guide, which can also be done in the gym, I used GO so much over last summer when I was lacking motivation to actually go to the gym and wanted to spend as much time as possible outside (when it was actually sunny in England!). The workouts are short but intense, a LOT of jumping which makes me so so sweaty! You are supposed to use resistance bands for this guide but as I didn't have any I used dumbbells and it worked just as well! I may even do GO again this summer as well as going to the gym, I'm just that motivated! Crush are a great company, and I personally think they've also created a supportive community and are lovely people!
  • Stronglifts 5x5. Although this isn't a workout guide as such, this is the app that really got me into my lifting journey. It really helped me build a solid foundation of strength for the big lifts (squats, deadlifts & bench press) and helped me figure out what I should be doing in the gym! I'm not sure how the app has updated since I stopped using it but it was great at tracking the weight and giving you advice on how to push up the weight!
I have Brittany Loeser's Booty Builder guide and Arianna Dantone's Power Building program and Thrive for Five bought and saved for me to use in the future so I can review those once I do them, from just looking over them they seem really good too!

Let me know if you give any of these a go/have done any of these!


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