Monday, 13 March 2017

The update post I know you've all been waiting for!


Since I last posted a lot has changed!

  • I am 20 (turning 21 in June)
  • I'm now in my second year at uni studying music and live events management
  • I am doing my personal training course
  • I'm currently living in a house with a group of my friends, student houses are greeaattt! 
  • I am affiliated with Protein Dynamix (please use the link in my instagram bio @emappleton_)
  • Also affiliated with Under Armour (please use the link in my twitter pinned tweet @emappleton_)
  • I am so much more into fitness and working out, going to the gym 4/5 times a week
  • I went on holiday to California over the summer and fell in love so now one of my future goals is to live there!
  • I have met some of my favourite youtubers/social media influencers- Nikki Blackketter, GraceFitUK, Jazmine Garcia, LaurenFitness, Elle Darby & the SacconeJoly's!
  • I'm not sure what else would be interesting to you! Here's a picture from a photo shoot I did with my sister over the winter!


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