Monday, 27 March 2017



I often get asked how I find the motivation to be going to the gym 4/5 times a week, or how I've been motivated to continue this for around 3 years now. The truth is, it isn't all about motivation! It's more about how badly you want it and making it a habit.

I've been working on myself, for myself, for so long now that it would just seem like a complete waste of time to give up now! This is so much more to me than looking good or lifting a certain weight. Working out has given me my life back, or more accurately, given me a better life! I continue doing it because without it, I don't know where I would be! I don't know what I would do with my days if I wasn't going to the gym!!

You have to trust the process. This is one of the most important factors for someone at the start of their fitness journey, you aren't going to get results over night, in a week or even in two months! It takes a long long time and a lot of effort but it is 100% worth it! If you trust that what you are doing will pay off, and keep at it, you can definitely reach your realistic goals!

Make it part of your routine! When you start out, it can be really difficult to force yourself in the gym, but if you work it into your routine, just as you would work (or going to the dentist!) you will be more likely to go! Once you start going regularly, it is more likely to become a habit and therefore you will be more likely to stick with it!

Don't push yourself too hard. This is most important if you are just starting out. I hear it all the time, people think that they can go from never going to the gym to going everyday without burning themselves out and giving up! Start off slow, with once, possibly twice a week and slowly build it up! You're more likely to enjoy it this way and not get over tired and so stick with it!

Don't compare yourself to others! As I said in my confidence post, this is so important in so many aspects of life! People turn to other people's bodies to use as motivation and I'm telling you now, this will not work! I could write another whole post about this, but the bodies you see on social media are not how these people look all the time! PLUS they are not your body!! You will never have someone else's body and that's completely okay! You are your own unique person with your own unique body and it will change and grow and look different to other people! As that famous post says 'healthy looks different on everyone'!

Overall, just stick with it, keep working on yourself, for yourself and if you really want something, never give up on it!


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