Saturday, 11 March 2017

I'm back again!


Blogging has always been something that I go through phases with, I started blogging the first time around when I was probably about 15 then stopped and re started in my gap year, then stopped again, and now I'm back! Who knows how long it'll last this time but we'll see!

The first thing I have done is make all my old health/fitness related posts public again, yes they're kind of embarrassing and yes most of the pictures no longer work but I used to spend a lot of time working on my blog so maybe they'll be interesting to some!

This time around I'm going to be mostly focused on fitness, if any of you follow my instagram (@emappleton_) you will know that fitness/lifting/working out is pretty much my life now! Along with my instagram I plan to share my fitness journey, any advice/tips that I have and anything else I find interesting/relevant to share!

Proper update post to come!


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