Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Gym Confidence


After watching GraceFitUK's video on how to improve gym anxiety, I was inspired to write my own post about how to be more confident in the gym. Feeling confident in the gym is something that I struggled with for a long long time and it was only really towards the end of my gap year that I felt confident enough to go to the gym by myself.
It's difficult to try not to feel like everyone else is judging you and watching you, especially when you suffer from anxiety in other aspects of your life.

Here are some of my tips on how to feel more confident in the gym:

  • Realise that actually no one else is looking at you or judging you! Everyone is getting on with their own workouts and if they are looking at you they are probably either checking you out or looking for new ideas! Also guys are probably more interested in looking at other guys to compare themselves and to see what they are doing over looking at you!
  • Never go to the gym without a plan! If you have your workout all planned out and you know exactly what equipment you're using, your workout will run so much more smoothly! I gad a period of time where I would just go to the gym and see what I felt like doing, these workouts always seemed to drag and I never felt motivated! Now I know exactly what I'm going to do each time (I'm following Grace's guide) and it's so much better!
  • Make a bomb playlist! I love listening to my favourite songs that make me feel strong and powerful, this gives me so much more confidence and helps me not feel intimidated when I'm the only girl in the weights area full of guys! My favourites at the moment are 'Believer' by Imagine Dragons, 'Not in Love' by MO, 'Needed Me' by Rihanna, 'Zero' by Chris Brown and 'Warrior' by Imagine Dragons,
  • Realise that you are an incredible super woman (or man) who is amazing just for stepping in the gym and making changes to reach towards your goals. You are strong and powerful and anyone who judges you are petty and pathetic. Anyone who is in the gym is there to improve themselves and judging people for that is unnecessary and ridiculous! It's all a reflection of their character and not yours. And to be honest they're probably just jealous that they're not as brave or as awesome as you!
  • Buy awesome new gym gear! There's nothing better than having a great new outfit to wear, if you look good, you feel good and are therefore more likely to be more confident in the gym! I personally love buying new outfits, and wearing new gym gear not only motivates me more to go to the gym but also gives me a massive spur of confidence!
  • Finally, DON'T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS! This is super important in all aspects of life, but especially in the fitness industry! If you're constantly worrying about whether you look as good as other people or if you're lifting as heavy as them, running as fast as them etc you're more likely to believe you're not good enough! Which is 100% not true! Try not to compare yourself to anyone else about anything else! You are an amazing, unique human being, one of a kind, and you are perfectly you!

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