Tuesday, 28 April 2015



Today I would like to share with you some of my progress over the last year/few months, I can't remember when all of these were taken but yeah haha
I know not all of you will find this interesting or motivating/helpful in any way but I'm feeling really body positive today and am really making progress towards loving myself!

As I have mentioned before I work pretty hard for my results, they take time and need a lot of patience. In previous posts I have said what I do for my workouts, so here are some results.

If you follow my tumblr then you will have seen most of these pictures as I document my progress more on there.

My stomach is shrinking (slowly) and my baby abs do start to show some times!
These pictures were probably a few months apart.
The picture on the left was taken a couple months a go and the one on the right was taken last week, you can kind of seen that my tummy is smaller and my quads have grown! 

I can't remember the time scale between these two but as you can see my back is so much more defined and toned!

Sorry the picture on the left is a bit dark but you can sort of see that my bicep and shoulder are more defined and bigger!

This picture was taken last night and wow I'm so proud of it, just look how strong I am! My biceps and shoulder just wow, sorry I'm so impressed with myself haha

I also wanted to talk about the non-physical results that I have gained from working out and eating healthier. I am so much more confident in myself and in my body, I feel happier most of the time, I have more energy and find everyday activities easier. It has helped my depression a lot and I feel a lot less stressed and anxious about things. As I said earlier, I am loving myself and my body more, this isn't just because my body is becoming what I want it to be but also because I am more accepting of my flaws and learning to love every part of my body and what it can do for me!

I hope this post didn't come across as vain or bragging but I am just really happy with my progress!
I also hope that this gave someone motivation, but remember you need to aim to improve your body, not because there's anything wrong with it but because you love it and want to be the best you that you can be! Additionally, don't use other peoples body as your 'goal' you are becoming a better, fitter, and healthier version of yourself!

For now, thank you and goodbye,

Monday, 20 April 2015

Motivational Monday


Louise aka Sprinkle of Glitter always posts 'Motivational Monday' posts on Mondays and I love the idea of giving people a little help for getting through the worst day of the week. I don't have a little motivational story to tell you like she does but I hope that at least one of these gives you a little bit of motivation!

(all pictures taken from tumblr so credit to whoever made them)

For now, thank you and goodbye,

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Healthy snack ideas


If you're like me, then you love to snack, which can make healthy eating hard sometimes. I am always on the lookout for more healthy snacks so I thought I would share with you some of my ideas. These obviously don't have to be just snacks, sometimes I eat these as breakfast as well (I don't tend to stick to the idea that breakfast should be your biggest meal and dinner should be your smallest).

Anyways, on to the food!

Avocado on toast

This one is pretty simple:
-Slice up an avocado
-Butter some toast (preferably wholemeal bread)
-Lay the avocado on top

I used a whole avocado when I made this and that is why I used two bits of bread, usually I would just have one.


This one is also pretty simple:
-Toast a bagel (preferable wholemeal), 
-Spread some peanut butter on
-Slice up a banana and place that on top

Again, it would be better to have just half a bagel but my mum wanted me to use it up as this was just before we went away a couple of weekends ago.

Healthy pancakes

I love pancakes so these are amazing: 
-Mash up one banana in a bowl
-Crack two eggs in and whisk them together
-Cook them in a pan like normal

I found this makes 2-3 pancakes.
I wouldn't recommend putting extra banana on top, the banana taste in the pancakes is quite strong, I just put some on top for the picture haha

I would also recommend making smoothies, they are really yummy and are a great way of getting in more fruit and veg into your diet, I made a post of my favourite recipes here.

For now, thank you and goodbye,